If you feel that learning as part of a group is not for you, you may find that individual tuition works best.  The advantage of this is that we can move at a pace to suit you and tailor your learning to you as an individual.


Whether you are a complete beginner or have some previous learning individual tuition is ideal if you want to have a bespoke language learning experience. You may wish to learn a bit of 'holiday language' or something more serious. It's up to you!


It is suitable for all ages from school pupils to adult learners and is extremely useful for preparing for the GCSE exam. We offer tuition for French to A level, German and Spanish to GCSE and beginners Italian. 


Online tuition is especially popular and, of course, incredibly practical as no-one needs to travel.  It also allows much easier sharing of audio and video resources to enhance your learning.  Tuition is currently offered on the Zoom platform, but other options are available.


Please get in touch and we can discuss your needs as a learner and tailor a programme to suit you as an individual rather than following the group.

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